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Hyper Publish PRO is an all-in-one software solution for both on-line and off-line publishing. The Hyper Publish interface is very similar to the Paper Killer one, so you can continue to use your Paper Killer files for off-line publishing. In addition, without modification, you can publish them to the Internet, using the automatic FTP engine, that will only publish modified pages. HyperPublish adds several other features, including forms, header and footers, custom components creation, shopping cart... 
Furthermore with Hyper Publish PRO you acquire the full commercial redistribution license for the CDs created with the CD Wizard: no royalties, no additional fees, and you can distribute your works to the world! 
To learn more about Hyper Publish, click here. You find the upgrade price here.  
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Visual Vision has been selling software online since 1998, and is a proud member of the Association of Shareware Professionals. - Other easy tools from VisualVision: EBooksWriter: create an ebook in minutes; 1site: create a professional Web site; EasyWebEditor: create your Website in minutes; HyperPublish: create a catalog, an hypermedia CD, a Web Site; CDFrontEnd: create autorun CDs with ease 
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Create professional quality hypertext documents: manuals; catalogues; create a policy and procedure manual; rule-books; laws, with cross references; health and safety manuals; training manuals, create technical manuals; software user guides, online help systems; specifications, minutes; Intranet pages; multimedia e-books; Html documents; schools-related hypertext; personal multimedia CD (with automatic install).  (shareware sites) Save time and buy PaperKiller now! 
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