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This page is outdated. Please see the PaperKiller User's forum!!! 
Paper Killer current version is 3.8 (December 2002). 
The new product’s site is up and running (, you are here!)  
We constantly strive to improve Paper Killer. A short history follows: 
Version, January 2000 
- improved cooperation with Office; little improvements. 
Version 3.2, November 2000 
- improved stability and reliability 
Version 3.0.12, October 2000 
- improved management of system resources in Win95-98 
- now you can choose to disable the backward compatibility in the Html export. This saves about 20% in file size, the price to pay is that your pages will be displayed with less accuracy in NS2-3 and IE2 (use ”Options” button in “Publish” windows) 
- in the Html import, now you can tell the software to skip tables (this is useful when the design of the tables doesn’t meet Paper Killer’s internal architecture, and the normal import isn’t accurate) 
- inaccuracies corrected 
Version 3.0.11 - September 2000 
- index.htm is now the default name for the cover page, when exporting to Html 
- improved the recursive Html import 
- improvements in full text search 
- improvements in CDROM creation 
- slight inaccuracies corrected 
Version 3.0.10 - April, 2000 
- improved manual / online help / examples 
- improved Html export 
- new product site 
Version 3.0.9 - March 23, 2000 
- HtmlHelp export 
- improved WinHelp export 
- improved CD autoinstall engine (recognizes your hypertext’s previous installation, if any) 
- slight inaccuracies corrected 
Version 3.0.8c - March 3, 2000: 
- support to link to .aeh hypertext on CD drive (if not installed on HD by the Wizard); support for running external software on CD drive without fixed drive letter (useful for multimedia works on CD); see “? > Help-Examples”; 
- increased reliability for Help - Examples 
Version 3.0.8b - February 23, 2000: 
- improved WinHelp export; 
- search/Keyword search simplified; 
Version 3.0.8 - January 23, 2000: 
- Html code more compact and increased compatibility (much better for NS 2.0, IE3.0) 
- new wizard for slides management; 
- faster dialog loading; improved dialogs: you can insert more than one image at a time; simplified insertion of files and multimedia; and more...; 
- improved printing capabilities; 
- more shortcut keys; more MSWord like behavior (i.e. CTRL+drag copies instead of moves; etc.); 
- faster access to pages using the right mouse button on the page number box 
- option to add .bak file creation; 
- and more... 
Version 3.0.7 - September 9, 1999 
Version 3.0 - July 1999 
Version 2.46 - August 1998 
Version 2.1 - January 1997 
Version 1.0 - February 1996 
Modifications to PaperKiller are often as a direct result of your suggestions. Please feel free to write to us:  
(this page created April, 2000) 
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