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We know you need to concentrate on the content and structure of the document. You don't want to worry about technical things, nor continuously remember file names. You need to find and switch pages quickly. With Paper Killer this is easy, even for large page sets. 
Paper Killer's fully visual interface lets you browse links while in the editor, without the need to switch to an internal or external preview (just double click any link!). You can place even elaborate frame-to-frame links, visually.  
There are two kinds of links. The first are the normal links (Insert >Link). It’s simply impossible to display all available options, as you see below: 
You can link to internal pages, Internet addresses (such http://...), other hypertext, and more. You can even create new pages while linking. You can choose the destination even by browsing the preview! 
With special links Paper Killer allows you to link almost anywhere, a different frame, a different browser window, to a pop-up,  even without using an “anchor” (a fixed point in the page). As mentioned above, the available options are too numerous to list. 
Special link window 
The special link insertion window. You can link to frames, windows, both to internal pages, Internet addresses (such http://...), other hypertext, and more.
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